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The mammalian circadian clock research

The mammalian circadian clock regulates the timing of numerous physiological functions. Host circadian clock function relies on a variety of factors, including sleep-wake cycles, timing of meals, and dietary composition. Voigt et al. (2014) demonstrates that a high-fat diet disrupts host circadian clock function as well as diurnal oscillations in gut microbial structure and function.

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Essay about school dress code problem


Many kids go to school and now other kids talk about their appearance clothes aren’t new so they get picked on as well they get called dirty, and other names. The United States of America should consider making every school have a dress code. Some parents around the world don’t have as much money to buy their kids the latest new shoes or clothes to wear and their appearance isn’t up to date. If we bring a dress code this can stop a lot of the bullying and also the sexual harassment that’s going on now in our schools.

When kids go to a school other kids look at them and just start judging them by their clothes and shoes not showing any kind of sympathy. “The school board make dress codes so people can come to school feeling safe and respectful”. When kids go to schools wearing as they please other kids don’t feel safe because they don’t have the great funds that the other kid parents have. So the kids with great funds see their self over the other kids and takes advantage and just bullies them. They see it as fun and enjoyable, instead of having a dress code can take their mind of clothes and maybe now they all can get along and almost be similar. Now we gain more focus In classes and school attendance goes back to almost being perfect.

Mainly for the females, they get sexually harassed because of their clothing this makes them a target to the boys, but it also brings them a lot of attention to the clothes that they wear. Such as “For example, no short shorts as they would show more butt than a student needs to see” girls that wear clothing like that is somewhat sort of asking for some attention. This also lets you know they don’t have much self-respect or respect their parents sometimes this can turn into them running over their parents and doing as they please. If schools bring dress code into play there isn’t much to be said to each other the ladies become well dressed and prepared to learn. The dress code easily makes sexual harassment disappear that’s how much power and change dress code has. People tend to send their kids to school and just let them dress very unacceptable and yes they show high self-esteem, but why they can’t just have high self-esteem while having respect for themselves while they are dressing.

Other people think as we paid for my kid to wear clothes that they like to wear and they can’t wear them because of a silly dress code. We understand that is a valid point, but they should think about the kid parents who can’t afford what their child likes. This gets their kid bullied because he doesn’t have the clothes most kids like to wear. Kids say they can’t express themselves or even they don’t feel comfortable in the dress code clothes. This is very understandable, but then again it is one-sided again they aren’t seeing both sides of why there actually should be and school dress code. Also, there is talk about girls are the main reason the dress code is coming into play because of their sexiness of dressing. They say it causes distractions and other unpleasant things, which is very true and not something that should be going around in school environment, this can cause major problems with the school and then it would eventually be taken to the school board.

The school board dress code is important to education because it can change a student's focus when they come to school. When students come to school they should be in the dress code because they would worry less about how they look, and they would be more focus. If kids come to school in their clothing bullying would be an issue as it is now. Also, kids wouldn’t want to come to school because they can’t afford the latest clothes now school attendance will drop the percentage of kids moving to the next grade would drop. Now the school loses money and can go out of business. We would have kids coming to school thinking they are better than other kids because of their clothes now that takes their focus away from school, and causes them to think my clothes are cool and fresh our other kids can't focus on their work now because the other kids are class clowns. The dress code in schools can change and manage a lot of things going on around schools all around the world.

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