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John Howland Cochrane explains the American Bureaucracy

John Howland Cochrane was born 26 November 1957, an economist specializing in business, economics, and economics; QAR assets administration Distinguished academic of economics at the University of Chicago Both schools of Business, served as vice-president of the American Finance Association in 2008 and was elected the president for the 2010 term

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The Influence of Gospel Music: Research Paper

For centuries, gospel music has been around. The discovery of the gospel music came from African Americans slaves that lived in North America in the 1700s. During this time, some slaves went to church, and African Americans developed a spiritual and emotional feeling from singing. During this time, slaves were being punished so slaves were not allowed to listen to listen to their native music, and slaves were not allowed to use instruments to play alone while they sang. There were lots of heartfelt  lyrics that has been misplaced due to slaves, not being able to keep up with them during this time in North America. According to Mapping Black Gospel Music, “Slaves used to sing as a way to give coded information.” As slaves worked in the hot sun, singing was a way to help ease their mind and to help everyone working to stay encourage. Singing of black slaves became named as spiritual hymns. The development of hymns has changed over time from the 19th century, and it has become named the golden age of spiritual gospel music. Gospel music also influenced soul music and other techniques people have today. As time goes on, people lives are changed through the music of the gospel and discover the inspiration to walk through their daily lives.

However, gospel music contributed to Aretha Franklin's life, and the anointing of her gospel music touched other people’s lives. In her article, “A Voice Forged in Pain,” Anthea Butler  focuses on remembering the music and faith of Aretha Franklin. Butler provides her points by explaining the singer Aretha Franklin relation to her religious life. Aretha Franklin was a young girl who loved gospel music. She learned how to play the guitar because that was the closest music instrument she could get to because she grew up as a Catholic girl and they were not allowed to go to Protestant churches. Butler also talks about the relationship Aretha had with her father, Pastor C.L. Franklin and how he got his daughter Aretha pregnant at an early age. Butler also talks about the aspects of things in black churches and Roman Catholics churches in the U. S is explaining how Aretha Franklin  singing career started in a church and spiritually touched other people. It was an distinctive sound of gospel music which carried Aretha Franklin to become the singer that she was. This is important because she emphasizes how her singing lead her to be the queen of soul music. Aretha encounters many things as a young girl, and she used gospel music to help her get through her daily life. This source helps with my research because, it talks about the influence of gospel music, and the impact it had on Aretha Franklin’s life.

However, there are many artists that have been influenced by the music of gospel. In the article “The History Of Gospel Music,” Madars Bitenieks main idea is to educate and honor the art form and rich heritage of categories of gospel music through word and song. Bitenieks proves his point by explaining the foundation of gospel music and how it has changed over time and affected other people’s lives. Andrew Dorsey was called the “Father Of Gospel Music.” Mr. Dorsey wrote many songs, and he would always join two different genres of music together such as Jazz and blues rhythms with gospel music. This was a way for him to express his feelings. He later published two songs “Precious Lord” and “Peace in the valley.” He wrote these songs in remembrance of his wife and son who had died. These two songs became very popular, and many people listened to his song, and they could relate to the words. Bitenieks define gospel music as a place of inspiration. This is important because, people need to know the how gospel music can help ease their mind positively. In the article “African American Spirituals,” “ During the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s, spirituals as well as Gospel songs supported the efforts of civil rights activists.” During this time, many people adapted from old spirituals. Mahalia Jackson was also influenced by gospel music. Ms. Jackson is named the 20th century queen of gospel music. Jackson grew up in a christian home but life was still hard for her. Her mother died at a young age so, she ended up being raised by her aunt. By the age of four, Mahalia was known for  having a beautiful voice. As years passed, her voice became very rich and powerful. Her voice started to grab listeners attention, and she invited people to participate in her songs. She also had her aunt to push her to always do her best. In the 1950’s Mahalia music had become the talk of pop culture. Mahalia had many opportunities to sing secular music, but she did not want to. Mahalia had so much love and dedication to singing gospel music that she turned down her chances of singing other genres of gospel music. This information helps because it helps support how gospel music touched Mahalia life at an early age. The importance and dedication of gospel music allowed Mahalia to earn a title in the genre of gospel. 

Then, not only does it serve as one of the greatest influences to the world, gospel music is a huge blessing to the world at large. Contemporary Christian music as well as other genre of music were all originated from spiritual hymns. Spiritual Hymns during slavery was sung to help slaves get through their day and it was a duty and should not be enjoyed. Today the contemporary gospel music is more upbeat and it should be enjoyed. Most teenagers listen to contemporary music and is a major part of their life. Teenagers experience physical, mental, and social changes. Other genres of music such as christian rock, blues, christian rap, christian country, and classical music also play roles in people everyday lives. All of these types of music affect our soul. There are many stories where people can tell their testimony of how gospel music had touched their lives.

In summary, the music of gospel is important. Gospel music is the teaching of Christ and it is also a way to release stories and emotions of a person physical, mental, and emotional health. Gospel music had been powerful in the American culture. It helped slaves escape to freedom, supporting thing in the Civil Rights Movement, and it paved ways for other genres of music. There are several types of gospel music and other genres of music that all started from slavery spiritual hymns that affect our society. It is up to the listener how gospel music influences in their life.